Prague 2003

My mother lived in Prague from 1990 to 2008, and so we visited her quite a number of times.  If you do not know the city, it is charming, easy to navigate, affordable, and friendly.  There are so many sights Prague, as well as great day trips out of the city such as Pilsen (yes, the brewery tour is a must!),  Kutna Hora (home of the Sedlec Ossuary – rooms completely made out of human bones!!),  Karlovy Vary (home of 12 healing springs and a 13th: Becherovka liquor!), and so much more!   But I digress.  I could write all day about things to see and do in the Czech Republic.  (message me if you are planning a visit!  I’d love to offer tips!)

A few years ago I was taking my sister-in-law around Prague to see the sites.  We took the tram to Hradcany (Castle hill) and after touring the St Vitus Cathedral and other castle buildings, we decided to walk over to Strahov Monastery.  It has a beautiful library and other rooms with magnificent decorations from the 17th century.

Strahov Monastery Library

As we were walking, we heard a very loud commotion coming from one of the inner courtyards, which we could look into through an archway.  It looked like people were rioting!  I could not understand what was happening!  So being courageous,  we decided to investigate… and as we could see more and more of the courtyard we saw people jumping on parked cars, setting fires (!), etc.

No one was paying any attention to us so we slowly edged our way around the perimeter, and I know my heart was racing!  😳 I just couldn’t figure out why there were no police!!

Suddenly a young man came up to us and shook his head, and pointed to the exit…….and then he pointed to the camera crew over in the opposite corner!!  We hadn’t even seen them!  Turns out they were filming a music video!!  😯 🤣 

We sheepishly made our way out and continued with our walk!



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