Parasailing Folly – Bahamas circa 1996

Parasailing in a rain cloud!

So I took my teenage (13 or so) son and his friend on a Carnival cruise to the Bahamas.  Figured it was a great way for me to relax and not have to worry what they were up to.  How much trouble could they get into on a boat?  OK, dumb question.  But they had their own cabin, and there were tons of activities for them on board.

Anyway, one day I decided to take them parasailing.  My son, Andrew, was not thrilled as he is not adventurous by nature, but if his friend was going, by god he was not going to be left out.  So we motorboat out to this big platform in the middle of the sea.  First Alfred goes, up up and away!  He has a great time.  I am not sure what the laws were at that time, but I don’t believe there was much regulation regarding parasailing.  I’ve since read that the height limit in the US is 500 ft.  I know these people were going much higher than that.

A rather heavy-set woman went next and she was not pulled up in time — she ran across the platform and splash!  she is in the water before the sail filled and she is pulled up!  Oooh embarrassing!

Next is Andrew’s turn.  He is being pulled across the platform, his eyes big as saucers, and looking like he’d rather be anywhere else.  But up he goes!  and goes. and goes. and goes. OMG – he is so high, he is a speck!!  truly, a speck in the sky.  Alfred and I were hysterically laughing.  I know, I know.  No sympathy here from the mother.  But, anyway, what could I do?

Finally, down he comes.  He is grumpy.  And he is wet!  His shirt and hair soaking wet.  I asked him how that happened, and he said very indignantly, “Well, I was in a rain cloud”!!

Lucky I did not fall off the platform laughing.  Yes, he was so high even though it was sunny down below, it was raining up above.

(disclaimer:  I had no idea that parasailing could be dangerous. 
Did not learn that until long after this trip.  
Truly, I would not have knowingly put my son into harm's way)

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